Harry Wild - Season 1 Episode 4

A recently retired English professor discovers a real knack for investigation and cannot help but interfere with the cases assigned to her police detective son.

Episode: 4/8 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Harry Wild
04 Apr 2022
04 Apr 2022
"Harry enlists her granddaughter Lola to go undercover at a girls' school in pursuit of a bank robber who committed murder to fake his own death."
04 Apr 2022
"A young serial killer who models himself after Dostoevsky's \"Crime and Punishment\" dares Harry to track him down."
04 Apr 2022
"A stuffy dinner party in the home of Harry's former colleague goes awry when a vomiting bug hits all the guests but Harry; after the cause of the sickness is traced to a dead body in the home's well, Vicky Boyle leads the investigati"
04 Apr 2022
"A violent storm traps Harry, Fergus and Lola in the local pub; cut off from the outside world, the trio are put in even more peril when they discover a kidnap victim in a car."
04 Apr 2022
"When a wealthy matriarch is strangled to death during a video call with her relatives, the woman's daughter employs the services of the Wild\/Reid Detective Agency."